Taking the Drudgery out of The Travel Writing Business

Do you ever have difficulty choosing a place to go to get away from the job and the hassle of home?    I rarely have that problem since I earn my living as a travel writer.  Travel is my job, so I carry that work “drudgery” along with me wherever I go.  And though it may seem glamorous or enviable to others, in truth it can get a little boring at times.  After all, just how many amusement parks or wax museums can you bear to see in one season?  Fortunately, nearly every month I am off on my way to a different place.  When I am home I am writing articles for the magazines others rely on to choose their next destinations.

I usually travelled alone because that way I don’t have to worry about pleasing the needs of a companion.  And I am a selfish traveler; I go where I want to go, eat what I want to eat, stay where I want to stay and leave when I want to leave – although that is usually dictated more by my pocketbook than by my personal desires.  That selfish attitude is greatly aided by my ability to take advantage of the services offered by Hotwire.  They make it easier for me to make my little jaunts at my personal liking by giving me the best selection of travel services and car rental deals available.  I just make my reservations on their website, and get my ticket.  I have my rental car reserved and waiting before I depart.  Naturally I take advantage of the deals they offer for Groupon users; on my last trip I saved 60% by using an exclusive car rental deal they had available.  On my upcoming trip, I will be using a Groupon coupon to get a room at an exclusive 5-star hotel for $79 per night.  One can do lots of travelling with deals like that!

When I return I get to write articles about staying at places using deals from Hotwire and fly at great travel rates.  I also write reviews about the caliber and quality of the services.  But don’t think I let pleasantries offered to reviewers bias my comments; never would I advise someone to visit someplace I didn’t think was of value.  Especially since I know my readers depend on my comments when they choose their destinations.


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